Press Corps


The Statewide Press Corps consists of: Written Reporters, On-Camera Reporters, Photographers, Videographers, and Social Media Correspondents

Press Corps members work together to keep all the other YAG members informed through various media.


Written Reporters:

Written reporters write articles pertaining to YAG, more specifically,  about important things that are happening at YAG, candidates, student officers (eg. Youth Governor), Legislative Bills, and the Judical program.

On-Camera Reporters:

Report live on video about the current events during Model and Pre-Legislative.


Photographers are assigned to take pictures that correspond with articles, pictures of members and candidates, along with creative pictures of the capitol building.


Record videos of on-camera reporters, important debates, and other important events, as assigned.

Social Media Correspondents:

Post the latest YAG news, information, and pictures, on the various Press Corps social media sites such as the Corps’ Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Tumblr.