Permission Slip due Wednesday April 13th
Permission Slip

Who can I contact that is an adult advisor?

You can contact Rick Teetsel at , or Sheila Hoover at Rick’s number is (717) 599-2298. Sheila’s is (717) 512-7310. The Delegation Leader Riley Compton’s number is (717) 395-1105.

Will there be chaperones? Where? How many?

There are 40 adult advisors total, 15 YMCA employees, and around another 15 adult volunteers. There will be supervision in every room at the Capitol, as well as adults patrolling the halls after curfew at the hotel.

How will the students get to Model?

On Thursday, April 13th, a bus will leave from the high school at about 6:00 pm to go to the hotel. Please plan to be there a little earlier at 5:45.

How will the students be transported from the hotel to the Capitol?

Hershey High school will accommodate for all transportation by busing all students. Additionally, there will be assigned attendants on each bus and they will make sure everyone arrives at each destination safely and promptly.

Will meals be provided?

Breakfast and dinner will be provided for all of the participants, but lunch will have to be provided by the student. Lunch can be purchased at the Capitol building on Friday and will be available for purchase at Strawberry Square’s food court and other nearby locations. You may pack a lunch if you would like to for your children as there will likely be a mini-fridge in the hotel room.

How much money will students need to bring?

Students will need enough money for at least two lunches, but extra money for spending is an option as well. The hotel has a small shop for snacks and drinks as well.

What time will the buses depart and arrive back to school?

The buses will depart at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 14th. Students must arrive with all of their materials for the weekend (for a list of suggested items, continue reading below for the checklist). Arrival back to the high school will be approximately around 1:30 PM on Sunday, April 17th.

What if there is a scheduling conflict and my child needs to miss part of Model?

If there is a conflict in schedule, a parent may contact our adult advisors to arrange pickup time and additional details. The schedule for Model will be released shortly, when the YMCA allows us to release it.

Can I see the events at Model?

Yes, parents may observe their child during certain times at Model while the students are in the Capitol. Please consult an adult advisor or Riley for further information.

If my child forgets something at home, can I bring it to them?

Yes, you may drop off the item in the hotel lobby, but contact an adult advisor and provide information about what the item is, and who needs it first.

What if my child takes medications?

If your child takes medications and needs to bring them to Model, please let one of the adult advisors know and make sure your student knows when to take the medication.

What if I have additional questions?

Please consult an adult advisor.